GOTRLA Family 5K Presented by Herbalife

May 20th, Whittier Narrows Rec Area, Legg Lake

Registration Details
Saturday, May 20, 2017

Whittier Narrows Recreation Area, Legg Lake
751 Santa Anita Ave, South El Monte, CA 91733
8:00 AM | Registration opens
9:30 AM | 5K Start Time
11:30 AM | 5K Concludes
Course Information
Course Map

The 5K Course is a 3.1 mile course around Legg Lake. 5K participants will pass a water stop on mile 1.5. 

Packet Pick-Up

Girls who are currently participating in the program are AUTOMATICALLY registered for the 5K. For all other 5K participants (Running Buddies, coaches, family members and community participants), you must register for the 5K.  For 5K all participants will pick up race bibs on site the morning of the event starting at 8:00 AM.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the 5k run take?

Finishing times vary of course, but our fastest runners will complete the run in about 25 minutes. Most runners will fall between 35-60 minutes We will be sweeping the course at one hour from the last start wave to ensure all runners have returned to the starting area.

Are there aid stations available?

Water will be available on the course around mile 1.5. Runners are encouraged to bring water bottles along on the course. Additional water and snacks will be available at the finish line.

Where should I park?

Official event parking is available at the Recreation Area. Enter the main parking lot at 751 Santa Anita Ave. If the main lot is full there is access to a an adjacent lot through the main parking lot. Parking is $6 .

Can I bring my dog or pet?

We love our pets too, but for safety of all, pets are not allowed on the course or at the event. Please leave all pets at home on 5K day. All pets will be asked to return to the pet owner's vehicle if spotted at the event.

Volunteer Registration

Hundreds of girls throughout LA County train in eager anticipation of completing the GOTRLA 5K! YOU can join with GOTRLA as an Awesome Volunteer to make these girls feel like the winners that they are. Whether you help greet the girls with a smile as they park, jazz up the girls’ style with face-painting, hand out water to the runners, or clean up after the race… just imagine the positive impact you will have as you spend your morning rooting for girls to be joyful, healthy and confident!

Volunteer Registration opens in April!
01 - 5K Committee/Volunteer Leaders

5:30am-12:30pm / 18+ years old - We want YOU to help us prepare for a spectacular 5K by joining BEFORE the event as a member on our planning committee and serving as leader at one of our key volunteer stations on race day! ONE Pre-Race Meeting is Required.

02 – Volunteer Check In

5:45am-10:00am / 18+ years old - Help our 150+ volunteers find their spots and get situated to make the 5K a true success!

03 – Event Set Up

5:45am-8:00am / 16+ years old - Help prepare for the day's festivities: chop fruit, set up tables, put up signs, and whistle while you work! Heavy lifting required--must be able to lift 25lbs.

04 - Parking Patrol

6:30am-9:00am / 16+ years old - Direct all our wonderful runners where to park, greet them with a smile, and help the start off with success!

05 – Greeters & Crowd Control

7:00am-10:00am / 16+ years old - This group will circulate around to make sure people are welcomed and clear as to where to go. We will train you on key things to look for to help ensure a smooth flow and great experience for all!

06 – Guest Management

7:00am-10:00am / 16+ years old - If you love bringing order to chaos, we need YOU! Help us keep the day flowing smoothly and clearly for everybody and share your sunshine with those waiting in line!

07 – Finish Line Refreshments

7:00am-11:00am / 16+ years old - Prep the bagels, fruit and water for all our mighty runners AND then hand them their yummy food as reward for their labors!

08 – Registration & Participant Check In

7:15am-9:30am / 21+ years old - Help pass out race bibs, register new 5k participants before the race. We need your help with check-in BEFORE the race.

09 – Registration & Post Race Gifts

7:15am-11:00am / 21+ years old - Help pass out race bibs, register 5k participants before the race and distribute goodies bags and swag after the race. We need your help with registration BEFORE and AFTER the race. **The persons in this position WILL NOT be able to participate in the 5k.

10 – Supply Return & Distribution

7:15am-9:15am / 13+ years old - Help collect, organize and inventory supplies from the season. Sign in each bag (so we know which school has dropped it off) and give coaches their team sign, team medals, and a BIG high five!

11- Selfie Booth

7:15am-9:15am / 18+ years old - Cheeeeeeese!!! Help guests capture their silly side and take pictures at our Selfie Booth. Props provided; self-love encouraged!

12 – Bib Decorating

7:15am-9:15am / 13+ years old - For all the crafty people out there, help girls decorate their racebibs with their names, stickers, sparkles and flare!

13 – Face Painting Station

7:15am-9:15am / 13+ years old - Clowns, Rainbows, Pirates, and more! We will provide the paint, supplies and suggested art work. You provide the artistry and enthusiasm.

14 – Happy Hair Station

7:15am-9:15am / 16+ years old - Add little funk & fun to participants hair with spray-on, washable hair color. We will provide the supplies, you get to make hair happy!

15 - I’m Awesome Wall

7:15am-9:15am / All Ages - Girls and participants will have an opportunity to tell us why they are AWESOME! Volunteers will recruit girls and parents to sign our banner, hand out markers, give encouragement and inspiration!

16 – Temporary Tattoo Station

7:15am-9:15am / 16+ years old - Most popular booth of the 5k! Apply temporary tattoos to the girls as they get ready to take on the course!

17 – Merchandise Help

7:15am-11:30am / 18+ years old - Outfit guests with GOTR gear from cowbells to tshirts to stickers and hats. Organize the gear and assist guests with their purchases so they can cheer or run in style!

18 – Floaters Ready to Help

7:30am-11:00am / 13+ years old - Are you an in the moment person who likes to be adaptable and fill needs? This is the job for you! You will help wherever help is needed most be it a big or small job.

19 – Photographer/Videographer

7:45am-10:45am / 18+ years old - Looking for an experienced photographer and videographer to capture this day for us!

20 – Water Stop GROUP ONLY

8:00am-11:00am / 18+ years old - Help hydrate the runners by filling and handing out cups of water mid-race. Giving a cup of water to a stranger might just brighten your day (and theirs)!

21 – Course Marshals

8:15am-11:00am / 18+ years old - Love keeping order and helping direct people? This is the role for you! Play an active role in monitoring the safety of the course at key locations.

22 – Medics

8:30am-11:00am / 21+ years old - EMT, RN, NP, MD or other credentialed medical professional wanted to be on hand in case of injury or other medical emergency. We’ll provide the band-aids!

23 – Start Wave Leaders

8:30am-10:00am / 18+ years old - Start things off with fun and flair by holding a sign to organize runners in their teams pre-race.

24 – Start Monitors

8:30am-10:00am / 21+ years old - Tap into your inner bouncer and help make sure only participants with a race bib start the race AND join in the fun of encouraging all the runners pre-race!

25 – Cheer Station

8:30am-11:00am / All Ages - Hip hip hooray! We need extra people to cheer our runners around the course. Bring signs, noise makers, and your best smile!

26 – Course Sweepers

9:00am-11:00am / 18+ years old - Follow at the back of the GOTR pack and cheer on the girls from the caboose position!

27 – Clean Up Crew

10:00am-12:00pm / All Ages - Throw on some gloves and get ready to make the place beautiful again! This is secretly a super fun job as we load up all the supplies and leftovers from the 5K…we save the best volunteers for last!

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