Sample Lesson

Plugging into the Girls on the Run Cord

Learning Goals:

• To introduce the concept of visualization
• To begin exploring various ways we can use our imaginations in a healthy way
• To further establish an open and honest rapport between the team members and between the team and coaches


One sheet of stickers (12 on a sheet) per girl
Lap Counters (potholder loops, beads, silly bands, or other fun items)


• Have the girls comfortably seated in a circle on the ground.

>“Does anyone know what visualization is?” Allow the girls time to respond, soliciting a response from two or three girls.

>“That’s right. Visualization is where you picture something in your mind. It’s almost like it is happening while you are thinking about it! Today we will be doing a Girls on the Run visualization.

>Before we start, I need each of you to close your eyes.

> Imagine a bright white light inside of your body— right near your heart. The light is so bright and when we are feeling good about ourselves it shines out of us—through our eyes, our fingertips, in the way we walk, and stand up tall and straight. That white light is the very essence of who we are. It is what makes us special, unique, and beautiful on the inside.>Now picture a large socket in the top of your head—kind of like an electrical wall outlet where you plug in a computer. Can you see it in the top of your head? Now imagine a long cord going into that socket. The inside of this cord is really yucky—it’s got dirty, slow-moving thick liquid flowing through it. It also has messages coming through it for your brain. Some of these messages are: ‘you are not smart enough, you’re not pretty enough, you’re not popular, you’re not athletic enough and you don’t have cool clothes.’ When these mucky messages get into our brains, they ooze down into our bodies and we feel bad about ourselves. The messages of this cord puts out our bright light and we don’t stand up as tall, we feel sad, and we may not try exciting activities we’d like to do. We just don’t feel good about ourselves with this negative cord coming into our spirits. > Now here is the fun part. I want each of you to take your right hand and pull that cord right out of the socket on top of your head. Pull it out and throw it right behind you, somewhere far away.

>Now I want you to take your left hand and plug in a new cord. This is the Girls on the Run cord. The liquid in this cord is bubbly, bright, multi-colored and sparkling like glitter. It moves freely into your body and makes the light inside of you sparkle even brighter and stronger – so strong that you begin to have beautiful, multi-colored light coming out of your fingertips, your mouth, your nose, your toes, and your eyes! The Girls on the Run cord helps us stand tall and believe in ourselves. We express everything we are feeling. We know that we are wonderful. We can look all people right into their eyes and know that we are amazing just the way we are! This is what Girls on the Run is all about! Helping all of us, including me, realize how special we are as individuals and also what a wonderful team we are together!

>Now you can open your eyes.”

Download the complete lesson here (pdf format).