Become a Coach – and see what all the fuss is about!

Ask our coaches and they will tell you that coaching Girls on the Run is the most rewarding way to volunteer.  Girls on the Run relies on the contributions of our incredible volunteer coaches to activate our 10-week program.  While the coaches get to experience the positive transformations of the girls first-hand, it is coaches who say they were transformed most!

Coaches/Mentors shape our program and directly empower girls throughout LA County.  We will get you trained and ready to make an impact right away!  We invite you to learn first hand that…

Head Coaches Rock!

Assistant Coaches Rule!

Junior Coaches are Awesome!

Substitute Coaches Save the Day!

Ready join the GOTRLA Team as a Coach?

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We are currently accepting applications for our 2017 Spring Season.  (All coaches new & returning must apply)
Email for more information.

KEY DATES to Pencil In:

  • Spring Season Priority Applications Due:  Jan 31st
  • Spring Coach Conference:  Sat, Feb 11th
  • Spring Season Runs:  Feb 27  –  May 26
  • Spring Season 5K:  Sunday, May 21st

Girls on the Run Los Angeles offers several types of coach positions to accommodate different schedules and availability.  You can become a Head, Assistant, Junior or Substitute Coach…

Head Coaches Rock!

The Head Coach is a volunteer who works with a team of coaches to facilitate the Girls on the Run curriculum to girls at an assigned site or location.  Head coaches must be able to commit to two days per week for the 12-week season. This position typically requires approximately 5-7 hours per week. Days and times of practices depend on the site, but generally begin shortly after school gets out. As a Girls on the Run coach, you get to experience the program first-hand, feel a sense of accomplishment about making a difference in the lives of the girls, and have a ton of fun! Head coaches must be over the age of 18.  Find out more about Head Coach duties and responsibilities HERE.

Assistant Coaches Rule!

The next best thing to working directly with the girls twice a week is working with them once a week.  The Assistant Coach position is perfect for those who can only make one practice a week, but still want to have this amazing experience and be a part of a girls’ positive development.  The Assistant Coach is a volunteer that assists the Head Coach at a Girls on the Run program site.  The position requires approximately 1.5-3 hours per week for 12 weeks. Days and times depend on site but are generally shortly after school. Assistant Coaches can choose to attend both program sessions per week OR commit to only one day a week.  We ask each Assistant Coach to determine which schedule works best for them and to maintain that schedule throughout the program for consistency on behalf of the girls.  Assistant Coaches co-facilitate the Girls on the Run curriculum in conjunction with the other team coaches. Find out more about Assistant Coach duties and responsibilities HERE.

Junior Coaches are Awesome!

Junior Coaches are girls ages 16-17 who want to coach, but because they are minors, must coach along with an adult.  Junior Coaches must be female, otherwise the requirements for the Junior Coach are the same as those for the Assistant Coach.  We ask for the same level of commitment from our Junior Coaches and know that these young women make excellent role models for the participants.

Substitute Coaches Save the Day!

And for those who want to coach, but need even more flexibility we offer substitute coaching.  We typically try to fill all of our Head and Assistant Coaching needs before we create a substitute list, but for our seasoned coaches who cannot commit to a regular schedule, we do offer an “as-needed” coaching opportunity.  This requires the coach to attend our regular, mandatory coaches training.  It also requires flexibility on the part of the substitute regarding site location.  We do ask that our substitute coaches travel to locations as needed, when available.


Top 10 Reasons Why Coaches Love Volunteering with GOTRLA 

  1. I loved forming relationships with the girls and seeing them grow and form their own bonds over the season! I especially loved seeing the 5th graders be “big sisters” to the 3rd graders.

  2. The fulfillment of seeing these girls feel strong and accomplish their goal of completing a 5K

  3. The positive messages we were able to give to the girls and watching them mature/evolve throughout the season.

  4.  I enjoyed living in the moment. Being goofy and silly while teaching valuable lessons was a blast… and staying fit through running with others.

  5. Getting to work with [my team of girls] was amazing. Also the other coaches I worked with this season really became my friends. The lessons were not only important for the girls we coached, but us as well.

  6. I think the lessons were very impactful, I loved being able to teach them things besides running. However, I think the girls had the most fun and showed their true selves when they got to run. It was a really rewarding experience to seem them enjoy themselves.

  7. Watching the girls grow and become more confident in themselves.

  8. Seeing how other girls my daughter’s age respond to the curriculum topics. This was revealing for me and built empathy all around. I also enjoyed making working out seem fun and normal.

  9. Watching the girls’ confidence spike from the beginning of the season to the end.

  10. Seeing the girls change over time and accept themselves for who they are.

For more information, contact us or 626.590-4770 or sign up here for updates.